Windows 8 Partitioning and driver installation

First off I have the SSD Crucial M4 128bg hd for the OS and gaming, and I have a 1TB HDD for general programs and files

I currently have Vista installed as my OS, but I'm in the process of upgrading to Windows 8, I wanted to know how much space should I have partitioned on the SSD for the new OS. I searched the internet and I'm getting anywhere from 20gb to 60gb. If it's 20gb then that would be great, because I want to get as much space possible for games on the SSD.

Also, can my computers drivers be installed on the 1TB HDD or does it have to be with the OS?

Thanks for the help
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  1. Why do you want to have multiple partitions on your SSD?
    You can have 1 partition ( C:\ ), and just create a folder for your games ( C:\Games ).

    You have to install your drivers on your O/S drive.
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