HD 5770 vapor-x PCB

Hello, im planing water cooling on a HD 5770 Vapor-X card. i found a pickture of PCD design, i saw two different cards but the components you cool down was in same place. can anyone comfirm this?

will a waterblock for HD 5770 work on HD 5770 Vapor-X?

http://i869.photobucket.com/albums/ab255/Guto_Almeida/Meu Pc/DSC04228.jpg
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  1. pickture of PCD design:

  2. It should. Of course, if you're going to water block a 5770 it should be the MSI 5770 HAWK
  3. But i only got hd 5770 vapor-x. The card to the right.
  4. Does a water block for HD 5770 also fit on HD 5770 Vapor-X
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