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My mom doesn't do anything but e-mail and Facebook. She doesn't really save/store any files. Could I get away with installing a 60-90gb SSD in her Windows 8 laptop? Also, would toggle/synchronous NAND make any real difference for her purposes, or would asynchronous be fine? No fixed budget. Leaning toward Crucial M4/Intel 330/Samsung 830, but feel free to recommend any suitable make/model.
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  1. Hi expmsct.

    a 60 would be cutting it fine on the OS side of things, then you have updates and such of the like to consider. a 128GB would be good enough. pretty much any SATA 3 SSD will do perfectly fine for you, doesn't matter about the NAND functionality. look at maybe an OCZ Agility 3. no need to go for a high performance one. if you want something cheaper, a vertex 2 will also suit you just fine. Sandisk also make affordable ones. don't spend more money than you need it as it is just not necessary.
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