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Which is best for money 250 or 260

Hi guys

Could you tell me which is the best to get gtx 250 or 260? My 8800gts has given up the ghost.

I have a E6600 dual core 2.6mhz, 2gb RAM, 600w PSU, ASUS P5NSLI MoBo, all about 4 yrs old now.

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  1. I would recommend a GTX 460 if you can afford it. The GTS 250 is an alright card for its price but I would forget about the GTX 260. An HD5770 is its equal in performance, cheaper and better in many other ways.
    What is the native resolution of your monitor? Have you ever tried overclocking that processor? 2.6ghz is a bit weak for today's games but it should OC well and then it is fine. Also 2 more gigs of ram would be a good idea.
  2. Thanks

    The resolution is set 1280 x 1024, so not that high but fine for me, I have never overclocked the CPU cause I am not sure to what level of overclocking. Why do you suggest leaving the gtx 260? Cheers again
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    I recommended against the GTX 260 because the HD5770 is cheaper, DX11 compatible, has more current A/V features, supports 3 monitors and uses much less power, especially at idle. It is actually the card I would recommend for your resolution. Here is one from a good brand for $145 shipped and it has a $15 rebate;
    It will do extremely well at your resolution.
    As for overclocking the processor something like 3.3ghz should be very easy to achieve even on the stock cooler and at that speed it will do fine.
  4. Would I need to do anything to change from Nvidia to ATI? Cheers
  5. You would want to uninstall your Nvidia display drivers(leave the Nvidia chipset drivers alone) before installing the new card. Running driver sweeper to make sure they are all completely gone is a good idea;
    Then just install the new card and the latest drivers from the ATI site;
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  7. Cheers for your help
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