We Did It! We Ordered! How Did We Do???

Well, we did it! We finally ordered the parts for my brothers new budget GAMING build. He initially wanted to stay around $1,000. He then decided that he wanted to get a new monitor, keyboard and mouse. He upped his budget to around $1,300. I still consider myself to be a novice builder. I just recently built my new pc a few months ago. It is looking and running great. I'm hoping this build goes as smooth. Please take a look and tell us how we did... (Some of the parts were mixed in as combos. I'll just list all of the parts individually)

Motherboard (I currently have this and love it):

Chassis (a bit cheap but looks great):

OS (Win 7 64bit):

Mouse (He wanted a decent gaming mouse):

GPU (tried to save a little $$$ and not go HUGE!):

PSU (700w should be plently of juice right? Even for Xfire?):

HDD (best deal at the time):

RAM (decided on 1333 speed because there will be no overclocking yet and 1156 can only go 1333 mx right?):

MONITOR (a great price for 25". Great reviews too! WoW should be nice on this baby!):

HEATSINK (I currently have this. Still top rated):

KEYBOARD (He wanted a basic/decent new keyboard):

CPU (was going to go i5 750 but for $14 more got the i5 760. Good choice?):

Extra Fan (will probably order a couple more):

DVD Burner (I have this and it works just fine!):

Total Price after shipping/rebates:

Please provide any feedback. I know we could've done better in a few areas right? I want to learn for next time!!!

Now I'm also looking for advice/suggestions on what else I'm going to need to complete this build. Will I need extension ables, molex to 3 or 4 pin connectors for fans, etc.? I'm looking for veterans or more experienced builders to help me out. I'd like to order those things I've missed today since I ordered all of the pc components last night. I think I will need an HDMI to HDMI for the video card to monitor connection correct? That is a start. I'll also take any suggestions as to where I can purchase the missings parts. I look forward to any and all of your suggestions!

Thanks for your time!

- manooly
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  1. looks pretty good, though I see one thing you missed. You can probly reuse your existing ones if you don't already have it:

    you can use either hdmi or a dvi cable to connect to the monitor, depending on the connections.
  2. Hah! Thanks! I forgot to mention that my brother actually has speakers so we should be all set.

    I think the monitor comes with an HDMI to DVI cable. I can use that instead of purchasing an HDMI to HDMI cable right? Will it make that much of a difference? I don't want to take away anything from his new monitor/system because of one cable ya know?

    - manooly
  3. manooly said:
    Please provide any feedback. - manooly

  4. good job....you went a bit over the orig budget you gave us but thats a kickass build

    onlything is the case might be small if you wanna crossfire or sli later on
  5. Thanks for your replies! I hear ya on the case. We got a good deal on that one and not sure if we'll ever make it to Xfire or not. Hah!

    I am a little concerned about the HD 5850 card fitting nicely in that case though. Does anyone know if I'll be ok or not?

    Also, will I need anything else to complete this build?

    Thanks again!

    - manooly
  6. Another question. If I fill this case with a few more 120mm LED fans what is the best way to control each of them so they all done run at 100%? I'm worried about the overall noise.


    - manooly
  7. For the extra fans, and you can get a fan controller which will mount in an unused 5.25 slot.

    The 5850 should fit fine in your current case, even if you crossfire later. the Destroyer has space to REALLY pump out the fans: It comes with 3 (front, back, top) with room for 2 more on teh side, one on the bottom, and one more on the top. Thats 7 fans. Cooling should not be an issue.

    as for the monitor, the pictures indicate it has a VGA-in, HDMI-in, and DVI-in.

    I'd use the DVI to DVI or HDMI to HDMI, without converting
  8. Thanks ScrewySqrl! Will this HDMI cable do the trick...


    Let me know when you can and I'll order it right away!

    - manooly
  9. sure. HDMI is HDMI is HDMI :) any cable will do.
  10. You did fine.

    However, I would have done this differently:
    1. Ditch the Rosewill and get a HAF 912.

    2. Corsair 750TX. Only a little more money than the OCZ after MIR.

    3. DDR3 1600 if you planned to OC.

    4. If your bro only plays WoW most of the time, you should have saved money and gotten a 5770.
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