Counter strike source low fps when too many people are online

I had a laptop vostro 1510: 1.6 ghz and i'm not sure what the video card is. I ran css fine with no problem.
My laptop broke so i got a new desktop wich is as I see it much better. 2.7 dual core processor and 9800 gt.
I get low fps like 35-110 when I'm playing with about 20 people online on a css server. The server isn't the problem as i have tried the same with other servers. The video card is not the problem either as i can run on low graphics and it doesnt help. As i see it its the processor thats the problem. But my laptops was worse. Right???Another thing is the resolution. On the laptop i had 15 inch screen (not sure resolution) but now I have 22 inch (1600 x 1050 i think)
could it be the motherboard or something???
heres my comp :
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  1. Hmmm, lol I really have no idea, im only posting since no one else is :P but what i would try is first lowering the resolution, then if that doesn't work it might be a faulty part.

    Hope this helps some.
  2. I wouldn't call 35-110 fps low. Also you probaly unlocked some graphics features which weren't available on the laptop; you might want to go thru the setup for video and try turning some features off.
  3. thanks for the help the problem is solved.
  4. HEY hi

    M playing on a laptop. intel icore 5 ,2.4 GHZ and 4GB RAM.. No graphics card but. I dont think only the graphics card is an issue for my lol 30-51 fps. Can you suggest me what did you do to get your problem solved. Please mail me at
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