Dell Precision 650 graphics card Question

why is a gaming graphics card a bad idea for video editing?

From what I've read it's better to buy a card made for video editing but perhaps for my situation it doesn't matter. I'm wanting to learn video editing and am on the tightest of budgets. I picked up an old Dell Precision 650 for practically nothing.

The catch? It has no video card. Yes, I know AGP is a dead end but please refer to my budget.

I want to know, what is the best card for video editing on this old system?

FYI, I would like to edit HD footage eventually if that's at all possible with this computer, and I'm undecided as to what Editor I'll use. Maybe someone can suggest one. Am I wrong in thinking I'm limited to running XP pro on this rig?

Thankyou for your time.
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  1. Hello B3n5on,

    You never actually mentioned your budget. What is it?
  2. What's the CPU (and the PSU)? Maybe you could pick up a HD4670 AGP....
  3. No, gaming card is good enough for editing video...
    All you need is a FAST CPU because video editing work is more CPU demanding.
  4. thanks for the reply guy guys.

    @borisof007, I'm willing to spend $100 give or take. Something second hand as that will be cheapest.
    I want the best card but i also don't need to buy more card than I need as I suspect this computer will bottleneck it.

    @unknown_13, dual 3.06GHz Xeons. FSB 533. 460-watt power supply.
    The HD4670 looks like a nice card and a definite contender with the 3850 i was thinking about getting. I was also considering the quadro FX 4000 but both these cards are becoming difficult to find and might be overkill for this system.

    @wa1, I have heard this before but I have also heard some adobe products are supposedly tailored to work with certain video cards. Correct me if I'm wrong as my ignorance is my reason for posting.
  5. The 4670 agp is faster than the 3850 agp. Either of these cards will be bottlenceked a little by your CPU.
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