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Hi, I want to OC my E6400 and am wondering what a good choice for a heatsink/fan would be, money isnt a problem but space is as i have an NZXT Trinity mid size case... the dimensions are (WxDxH) 20 x 44 x 43 cm so i figure i cant fit a heatsink that sticks out more than 16 or 17 cm... if that, any suggestions are welcome
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    The hyper 212+ is a cheap little heatsink that does pretty well and will fit well in your case
  2. ok thx... am i pretty limited because of the size of my case??? just wondering if there will be anything thats a little higher end that will fit or are they for the most part going get to big after this
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    The Hyper 212+ should fit just fine in that case. If you are really worried about it, then take a tape measure and measure the distance from the top of the CPU to the side of your case.

    The cooler is about 16cm tall.
  4. ok thx probably going to get this one... just read that the fan can be changed and it can support two on it which is pretty cool :D haha... thx for the replies
  5. I have OCZ Platinum DDR2 1066 MHZ Dual Channel and im not sure wat u mean by heatsinks on top? are the "covers" with Z on them heatsinks (cuz thats the only thing i can think of)??? kind of a newbie haha
  6. If you don't mind spending some money you could water cool it. Like the The H20-X20 "Edge" series liquid cooling kit for $310. Great for beginners because it's put into one unit when complete and doesn't take up a lot of room. Water cooling is usually best - especially if you're needing to save space.
  7. Thx but Im not looking to liquid cool at this point... just wanted a 'quick fix' so i bought the hyper212 plus and it fits just barely in my case with the side panel fan still installed... definitely did the trick dropped my temps on the cores to the low 30s at idle....does it matter if the fan on my side panel is touching the fan on the heatsink?... its not causing pressure they're just barely touching so i dont think its a problem...but thx for all of the replies
  8. Nope doesn't matter at all.
  9. k, thx... i know this is the wrong section but it seems to be the only one i get quick replies on.... I went to my BIOS (mobo is a MSI P965 Platinum) and the only adjustments I can make to overclock are the FSB, PCI-E and Ram timings.... it won't let me do anything to push more power to the cpu or other components... I have the original BIOS 1.0 and am wondering if this is the reason that I can't access these features... do i need to flash or am i missing something?
  10. ok ill look around... problem with the bios update is i dont know wat im doing but it seems alot of ppl say not to use msi live update which is what i would be inclined to do
  11. i have been looking on there website but can't find any CPU overlcoking tools...guess I have to do a BIOS update then? any tips for using the live version cuz i have no clue what Im doing and dont think ill be able to do it otherwise
  12. hey thx again but i dont see anything in there that says it will allow me to work with changing voltages just the fsb (and gpu stuff) which i can do in bios.... i guess i just have to take the risk and flash
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