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Hello...pls i formated my hard drive cos of virus, hoping to pick the backup from a frnds system...he just told me the system has been stollen. pls i need held. though not too technical savy so ps help me in the most simple way
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  1. Is their critical data (i.e. pictures) you need to recover on the drive?

    If not, you will just get your Windows Install disc and reinstall Windows.

    If so, you will need to use a recover data tool. This tool was the one I had the best success with (I had little success with any FREE software):

    How to use:
    Before use->
    a) You will either need to install a new copy of Windows, or move your hard drive to another PC, or create a bootable disc

    b) Do NOT write to the Hard Drive with your data

    c) You will require another drive with enough space to copy any data you recover

    1. Start EASEUS (in Windows or CD)
    2. Have it SCAN your drive for all file types (hours)
    3. Once the LIST is created, CHOOSE what you want and COPY to the other hard drive.
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