Benchmarking Question - Athlon II Faster than Phenom II???

I was looking at; and I was trying to find out which CPUs have the best value.

While I was searching, I noticed that the Athlon II X4 640 (which is $99 on newegg) got a rating of 3466.

The Phenom II X4 925 ($125) got a rating of 3428.

Although the difference in speed is basically negligible, I was under the impression that the Phenom II blows the Athlon II out of the water.

Is this not a valid assumption? If you were me, would you still choose the Phenom II for a mere $25 more, despite the lower benchmark speeds?

I'd like to hear people's comments.
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  1. There are certain processes that get a boost from the L3 cache on the Phenom, gaming for example. So it is more a question of what was used to get the scores you mention.
  2. Loading the L3 cache takes time that the athlonII doesnt have to do, so as you see, some benchmarks will show the inferior processor as being the better.

    Its kind of like comparing an abacus against a calculator. Sure the abacus would be fast in small simple problems but give it something hard and the calculator wins by a mile.
  3. Also note, you are comparing the lowest end phenom II to the highest end Athlon II. Yeah, in that situation I would rather the athlon. Its built on newer tech and better at more things.
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