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Just replaced my hard drive and now im STUCK !

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January 21, 2013 7:42:17 AM

My hard drive crashed like when you turn it on it makes a clicking sound and it cant read it.......... i bought a new one now what do u have to do i never made a repair disk or backed anything up :/  i didnt expect this to happen becuase my laptop im using now has never had any problems like this..... heres what i have: I have a blank dvds, a 1tb portable hard drive acces to download all the drivers, so what do i need like i said i have never done something like this before
January 21, 2013 8:14:54 AM

you need windows for a start
a c 79 G Storage
January 21, 2013 8:21:00 AM

"i didnt expect this to happen because my laptop I'm using now has never had any problems like this"

Nobody told you that all hard drives fail at some point in their life?
You did not make a set of recovery discs or a system image when your laptop was working okay?
You didn't back up your data to a different hard drive?

If the answer to the last two questions above is "No" then you've lost everything.

You have two options:

1). Go to that PC/Laptop maker's website and see if they have a link to order a set of recovery discs for that model, or contact them by phone if you can't find such a link. The recovery discs will install the OS and the correct drivers.
They will charge you a small fee (mine from Toshiba cost me £30 UK Sterling) but that's a lot cheaper than option 2 below:

2). Buy a new retail copy of Windows which is compatible with that model (ie compatible drivers are available for that Windows version) and install that on the new hard drive. When Windows is up and running, check "Device Manager" for any missing drivers. then download and install those drivers from that PC/laptop maker's website.

When everything is up and running properly, your first tasks should be to back up your data and create some kind of system backup that will allow you to restore Windows easily & completely if such a disaster should ever befall you again.

(Note on option 2). You may have to buy Windows Vista or Windows 7 from a reputable online software vendor like Amazon, as walk-in software stores are now unlikely to have any in stock now that Microsoft is pushing Windows 8.
January 21, 2013 7:27:00 PM

My laptop that i'm trying to fix is a Toshiba L650D-039. So windows 7 comes with drivers???
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