Cannot share over wireless network

I have previously shared video over windows 7 homegroup with a WIRED connection to wireless devices such as a laptop (win 7 also) and ps3.

recently however, I got a wireless card and moved my desktop making all devices wireless.

now i cannot see any other devices in the network, nor connect to a homegroup. the problem seems to go away when i am hardwired to the router.

on a sidenote, i think i remember noticing when my desktop was still hardwired, that i could share only one way -> from desktop to wireless laptop, but for some reason not from laptop to desktop. not sure though, i never really had a reason to share from the laptop to desktop.

one last thing, i could view the ps3 as an "unidentified device" from the desktop and laptop in the media sharing options (could tell from mac address) but they would not show up in the ps3

any ideas? If i am missing any information, i will edit this post.
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  1. no one? Do i have an unsolvable problem?
  2. thanks for the attempt, but i've already been through several pages of pre-made trouble shooting for homegroup. I'm looking for an expert to troubleshoot the situation, as it seems to not be an average problem.
  3. disappointing :(
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