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Hi I recently replaced my laptop cpu from a celeron M to T5550. My chipset is GM945 which according to Intel is compatible however when I boot with this cpu the the fans come on (loud) & there is no display. I then put the old crappy celeron back in again & it powered up fine again? Doe this mean my PSU isn't good enough to power the cpu or is there something else I may have missed. the laptop has a direct replacement compartment so it is easily accessed.

Help appreciated.
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  1. It is possible that the laptop simply does not support the upgrade, it can be different by manufacturer.
  2. Chipset compatibility isn't all that's required. It's probably lacking BIOS support for that CPU model.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Can I upgrade the bios, how complicated is this procedure?
  4. That depends on if your laptop's vendor has a BIOS update for your laptop model and whether that BIOS version supports the T5550 CPU.

    The BIOS is usually updated by running a BIOS flash utility made available by the BIOS vendor.
  5. I've been doing a bit of reading. The laptop I have is RM Mobile One AKA Asus A3F. After checking around i'm pretty sure the laptop does support this cpu as there are others that have the T5500 installed & working fine. Is it likely the cpu is a dud then?
  6. Cool, cool. I should have thought of doing a bios update already.
  7. You'll have to go to your laptop manufacturer's website and see if there is a newer BIOS available...first. You'll have to put the old CPU back in to get the computer to a usable state (and to find out what the current BIOS is...).

    Be sure the BIOS is 'exactly' the one for your laptop... there is the danger of bricking it if there is a failure or the BIOS is the wrong one! I haven't had one fail yet, but its always a possibility.

    Instructions should be at the manufacturers website... but its either a Windows based update... or a DOS based update. If its Windows based... you basically just run the executable and it'll do the rest. If its DOS based, you'll need some way to boot to a CD/DVD, or USB floppy/CD/flash and run the BIOS update. Either way, after a successful erase/flash sequence, the system will reboot. Its often suggested to enter BIOS (often hitting ESC, DEL, F2, or F10 just after turning it on) and reset the configuration to defaults, but this may not be necessary. You'd need to put any non-default settings back if you did default them.

    If the BIOS update did support more (particularly your new) processors, it should start working for you. The manufacturer might tell you what the BIOS update includes. Good luck!
  8. If you know the BIOS version that the others whom are using an T5550 are using then you should get at least that BIOS version or later.

    You will have to do the BIOS flash using the Celeron before you replace it with the T5550.
  9. Aye, i'm best getting the latest bios available as you said. It won't even boot with the new cpu so so i'll have to flash with the old one first. Appreciate you highlighting the bios update thing, I can't believe I didn't think of it though to be honest considering the amount of times i've flashed bios's in the past on PC's. Laptop upgrades are new to me but at the end of day they do follow a same logic as PC's just more compact.
  10. Back again. I checked the bios on the asus website & there has only been one release for this laptops bios in 2006 so shouldn't my cpu be compatible considering there are others that have the same model Asus Z91FR running core 2 duo processors? I went into my bios & it displayed A3FRM.207 but the one on the asus website is A3FRM.200 & that is the only one anywhere else as well so i'm a bit confused?
  11. What about the BIOS for:

    Model: A3F
    Version A3FAS.211 March 26, 2007
  12. That BIOS isn't compatible, ID's don't match.
  13. When you run CPU-Z what does the Mainboard tab page show?
  14. Model: A3FRM
  15. I asked someone on ebay who is selling my laptop model & his bios is a3frm.215. I'll try contacting asus as this isn't available on their website or anywhere else on the web?!
  16. The RM suffix in the Model designation would indicate a customized OEM BIOS that was created for the RM company.
  17. Yes, you're probably right. The man off ebay kindly sent me the bios update which was on his laptop where he's currently running the T5500. AFRMcore2.215. I have flashed the bios with this update & it worked fine however when I re-installed the core2 processor i'm getting the same symptons. No display & fan immediately rapidly spins i.e. it's loud.
  18. It's beginning to look more and more like a defective T5550 CPU.

    Is your T5550 under warranty?
  19. No but I can get a refund then buy another. It's whether to risk the same one or go for the one that I know works, Could it be my laptop doesn't support this particular cpu despite the chipset supporting it?
  20. The Celeron M 410 has an FSB of 533 MHz which leads me to believe that the clock generator frequency for the motherboard is 133.33 MHz.

    The Core2 Duo Processor T55xx have an FSB of 666.67 MHz which would mean a clock generator frequency of 166.67 MHz is required.

    Was the person that provided you with the later BIOS version selling a Mobile One 945?

    There are other models of the Mobile One that have a 965 chipset.
  21. My upgrade is not H/W is OS ubuntu 11.4 to 12 on winbook J4 laptop. After few hours of download hung. I had no choice to reboot sometimes black screen other times seconds in bios before I set anything hung again. Sometimes to GRUB>. It messed up flash drive that I was downloading to. I tried repartition and format never finishes on any other PC with any OS (win 7, suse). I hooked up my fine external H/D to install from installation CD ubuntu 11.4 which I installed and worked about 9 months till this incident. Anybody any idea what happened.
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