"hybrid" or not, suggestions please!

Hi guys.

Planning to upgrade a crappy old one and so far I've come up with the following components that I would like:

Geforce GTX 460
Phenom II X4 965 BE (3.4 GHz)
WD Caviar Black 1 TB, SATA 6 Gb/s, 64 MB Cache, 7200 RPM
(was thinking WD VelociRaptor 450GB SATA 6Gbps WD VelociRaptor 450GB SATA 6Gbps but can't be found in Croatia)

(Xigmatek Dark Knight)

Don't need peripherals.

So my request from you kind folks is to come with ideas and suggestions. I have two primary uses, end game WoW and watch movies through projector/play music. I have another computer for work and browsing. If you guys feel that I shoulnd't use gaming and multimedia on same computer I would appreciate an explanation and suggestions for two separate systems! I am not looking for some sort of ultra super duper yeehaw machine, but I would like it to be future prepared iykwim...

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More about hybrid suggestions please
  1. future proofing........

    If you plan on going the AMD route make sure your mobo supports Sata 6gbps, USB 3.0, AM3, DDR3.
  2. future proofing? that just aint possible :na: ... but since I can't afford creating the next gaming super computer all at once now, I would like to have it intelligently upgradeable at the very least! :sol:

    From your reply I get hte feeling that the "amd route" is not exciting to you at all... do you have other recommendations? And if I do stick to my "amd route" what would you consider a god solid mobo that can run that mile I need until I am ready to upgrade further?
  3. Wait a few weeks fore the new ATI 6 series, that should drive the current prices for the video cards down.
  4. Actually you would see real awesome gains on SATA 6GB/s ports if u either had

    a. SATA 6GB/s interface SSD or
    b. 2 x SSDs of SATA 3GB/s interface in RAID 0 configuration

    For mechanical hdds - no point going for SATA 6GB/s as N numbers still won't saturate SATA 3GB/s

    I have two primary uses, end game WoW and watch movies through projector/play music

    WOW isn't a resource hungry game at all so even something like

    AthlonII X3
    GTS 450/HD 5770 would suffice hehe
  5. Hi there!

    ok, ssd is really not possible for me at this point, financial limitations. Was planning to over time build up a raid array, starting at 0. If I go mechanical, are you sayin I should stick w 3gb there too? 2x3gb in raid0 like you suggested for ssd, or 1x6gb?

    I know wow isn't hungry, but I have very little experience with hd streaming and htpc and thoguht perhaps that part may require a bit more oomph.

    also, perhaps not get the 1tb but rather get externals?
  6. oh and also I might add that I do a fair bit of image and video editing (not professional, but for our business marketing and website) so this machine does have to offer a little more than standard wow capacity...
  7. Forget about RAID/SSD and put your money into CPU/GPU.
  8. mosox said:
    Forget about RAID/SSD and put your money into CPU/GPU.

    :pt1cable: ok... and your suggestion is... becaue I certainly would prefer that but thought I might need to bop things up overall for speed/perf/gfx quality. Hence waffling about with "solutions" and compromises...lol
  9. Oh and about the ATI series. Was under the impression that nvidia cards seem to perform very well with wow (or the other way around, guess it's a matter of perspective)... is this a matter of your personal preference or is there some logic behind it all?
  10. NVidia cards performs slightly better with most MMOs because NVidia is a little better at Open GL. The differences are minor at best with the horsepowre a modern GPU can bring to bear.

    the real limit is: What's your budget? and are you building a whole new PC, or upgrading an existing one.

    your inital setup of the 965 and GTX 460 is very solid. To that I'd put 4 GB of DDR3-1333 (about $67) or DDR3-1600 (about $85) , and a 770 extreme 3 ($74), or 880 ($89) or 870 ($99), all of which are really single-card options (they either have a single X16 slot, or they are X16/X4)

    I'd then get the Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1 TB drive, as its $69.99 this month, $5 cheaper than the WD or Samsung models.

    then a nice case ($39-59), a cheap DVD player ($16-20), and a reliable 450-550W power supply ($40-$70).

    this should be, with combos, around $650-700.
  11. The SSD or RAID doesn't help you in games. A better video card does.
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