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I'm looking to build a new computer, but am seeking advice as to which components to include (and what's compatible). Here are my requirements:

1) No price is too low- I'm a broke college student (graduating soon though thankfully).
2) I use the computer for tons of things, but at minimum it must be able to handle Starcraft II smoothly. Also, I multitask a lot.

Here's what I have so far:
Case/PS $ 80
Mobo/Proc $255
VidCard $ 49
RAM $ 80
HDD $ 0 Already have a raptor at home.
Monitor $ 0 Already have a nice monitor.

So again, anything that can lower the price. And I also want to make sure everything here is compatible.
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  1. Everything works together.
  2. By my count u have spent $464 which is painful with just a HD 4650 @@ If $500AR isn't a bridge too far....
  3. ^^^^

    I like the setup, but if cost is a major factor change the CPU our to a ii x3 450 $86
    that can help to drop the price under $500
  4. Actually i agree but TS stated multi tasking so that would be his/her call as to how intense that aspect of the rig is hehe
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