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Hey everyone I have a quick question, to start off I am a PC gamer, I play all of the latest games, bo2, Minecraft, far cry 3, etc. I am starting to do some recording and editing/uploading to youtube with adobe premiere pro, I want something that will make my PC faster but also allow me to record with fraps better (I record on the same hard drive I'm playing as, I have 1TB HDD).

I am debating whether I should go for a core i7 3770k with hyper 212 evo cooler, buying Kingdton Hyper X 240gb, of just buying an extra 1TB HDD. I want to be able to record better so a dedicated HDD will be better but if the SSD would make a significant speed difference I will go for the SSD. Would the SSD make exporting videos faster? I will have windows 7 on the SSD and a 1TB for storage such as games and videos. Am I suppose to export the videos to th SSD or the 1TB HDD, I head that it is bad because of it writing to the SSD and that wears it down or something.
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  1. I am sorry for sort of bunping this but I have another question, will exporting worn out an SSD?
  2. exporting won't wear out an SSD. it will give better performance on video editing overall. bear in mind that you will want a large one (256gb + if you are looking at OS + video editing software + bits and pieces) so it will be quite pricey, but if you are looking to do it a little bit cheaper, go grab yourself a hybrid drive (HDD with embedded Msata cache). the seagate momentus XT is a great example of that. also, when recording from fraps, you should be recording on a different drive for best performance (as you obviously know already!)
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