Display driver constantly crashing


I recently built a computer system with these specifications:

Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 Ghz
4 GB (2x2GB) G.Skill DDR2 800
OCZ Fatal1ty 550w
MSI Geforce 9800 GT 1 GB DDR3
500 GB Western Digital Caviar Black
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

The system installed and runs fine, until I try to play a game such as CoD: MW2. The game will run perfectly on the highest settings (or the lowest, for that matter), until the display driver randomly crashes and I get this message: Display driver stopped responding and has recovered Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 258.96 stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I have updated the graphics driver to the latest driver, I have the chipset and mobo drivers updated fully and I get this error no matter what I do. I have tried many of Nvidia's earlier graphics display drivers to no avail.

I am at a complete loss for what to do, and since I removed the UPC label from the packaging for rebate purposes, I can no longer return this card for a refund. One of the interesting things about my problem is that I replaced the video card in my system with my friend's EVGA Geforce 9800 GT, which worked perfectly in my system. The main difference between the two video cards is that the EVGA has an additional power connector that connects directly to the power supply, while my MSI does not.

Temperature does not seem to be a problem, my graphics card is running at about 39 degrees celsius under no load and hasn't got much over 46 degrees. I ran a monitoring program on the card and saved several logfiles, I am not sure how to post them on here, but if those could help anyone I would be glad to post them.

Any solutions would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Hmm.... if i remember correctly, this has happend to me 2 times on my ATI drivers in Win 7, while playing Crysis @ max.

    Have you tried other games??
  2. You can try using a beta, or an older driver and see if that helps. I've had a few driver crashes as of late as well, which is odd being that since this new driver came out I havn't had one crash till the other day.
  3. I have tried using as many beta and older drivers as I can find, I think I may have tried every single driver Nvidia has ever made that is compatible with my O/S. I have tried MW2 and MLB 2K9. I will try Halo 2 this evening.
  4. I have the same problem with Halo 2.
  5. It may not be the display driver, that may only be the result of something else not working properly, after all you have tried other drivers with the same result,if you were running XP you could reinstall right over current install, or, you could go to system/advanced/and under start up and recovery,turn on send administrative alert, this might catch the snafu,,

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