Extremely slow Gigabyte on IDE HDD

Hello everyone,

I just got back from visiting my parents in the US. As is "tradition", I bring back some hardware that my dad isn't using anymore, as I'm in college and need to rely on hand-me-downs.

The batch this time around was:

Gigabyte 880GMA-UDH2
Athlon X2 255
4GB DDR3 1066Mhz

I would like to point out that this rig was running just fine a week ago in the states. It was running a vast array of Sata drives and I write this so that we can exclude any sort of memory compatibility issues. It was running the onboard VGA, so nothing to write home about there, but like I said, it was pretty quick for the most part.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I have two IDE HDDs (one 500gb hitachi, mfgd. 09/2011, one 250gb Maxtor mfgd. 08/09). These drives were running fine in my old rig.

I bolted everything up in the correct fashion (please bear in mind this is probably my 15th home-brew build). Booted it up and then the problems started. I had only the 500gb IDE drive and my Memorex optical drive installed. The Windows 7 installation was PAINFULLY slow. Expaning windows files took about 2.5h. I thought nothing of it at first until I tried to boot. It was ridiculously slow. I then reinstalled Windows 7 with a flash drive. That knocked the install time down to 1.5h, but the computer ist still etremely slow.

I had the Sata controller and IDE controller enabled and had it set to AHCI. If I set it to anything else, the pc just spits out "Insert system disk and restart blabla". I let it boot this morning (took 20 minutes just to get to the desktop) and the pc is completely unuseable. The audio stutters and the mouse cursor lags.

So I pretty much gave up for now and wrote all this. Any ideas?

I realize that IDE is not up to par anymore, but it shouldn't matter for day to day use and it was never this extremely slow. I swictched back to my old nforce4 board and didn't even bother to do a clean install. Everything runs fine. With my HD 6870 I can run Deus Ex without any problems. What gives?
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  1. The things that pop out in my mind is that the fastest IDE Devices have a maximum bandwidth of 133MB/s

    And the SATA bandwidth that that board can handles is Gb/s

    I have a feeling that you are bottlenecking the system with a slow storage Bus. :/
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