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Just put my new build together and I believe the issue is my CPU overheating. When I powered on the computer for the first time, it turned off in about 10-15 seconds. 2nd time about 5-10 seconds. CPU was extremely hot. Anybody have any suggestions? Did I get a defective component? CPU was so hot that i let it cool for 5+ minutes and tried to put on the stock cooler (Didnt have on before because I wanted to make sure it worked correctly first) and it melted part of the bottom of the cooler. The CPU is the i5 760.
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  1. The motherboard has the 12v connectors by the CPU. It's 2v4. Should I be plugging in both 2x2 plugs into there? Manual did say that if there are 8 plugs present to use both 2x2 plugs.
  2. You can NOT run your CPU without a heatsink. You MUST use a heatsink with any processor. When you ran the computer without the heatsink, you risked damaging the CPU.

    The part that melted was just the heat-paste/wax, it was supposed to melt. I hope you left it on there. If the heatsink still has some paste left, re-attach it to your motherboard and leave it there. Otherwise, buy more paste before reattaching and turning the computer back on.

    And, yes, you should probably use both 2x2 plugs, but that did not cause your over-heating problems.
  3. So attach heatsink and problem solved? I'm not getting any post beeps even when I remove RAM. OS this normal
  4. Hopefully you did not fry your CPU when you powered on without the HSF.
  5. What would be signs of a blown xpu. Souls it still boot
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