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Hi All. I am knew here. I have a problem I am hoping you can help me with. I have a desktop PC with Win7. I was using a 700g external hard drive to store all my photos on. I wanted to change the drive letter to G so went to Disk Management etc and changed. However, I must have done something else as well because now drive G has disappeared.

I went in to somewhere and discovered it was there (without the G) but it was disabled. I clicked the appropriate icon to Enable it, but had a message saying it could not be enabled. Any suggestions please?
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  1. Done that a few times but still no good. Thanks very much for replying though. Much appreciated.
  2. Try it on another PC to see whether the same problem. If yes, then try to recover data off drive at first.
  3. When your drive is deleted, you cannot see it
    when your partition table on the disk is damaged, you cannot see your drive either.
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