Best System For Lightroom 3 ??

Hi all,

I am thinking of building a system to be able to run lightroom 3 very efficiently.

What would you recommend be the most important hardware to invest in ? cpu > gpu or ssd > hard disk etc

The core i7 950 seems to be a must , coupled with 8 gb of ram, 5770 (will this be powerfull enough ???) , ideally 3 hard drives for backing up photography.

alternatively are there any desktops on the market people would recommend ?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Ideally for Lightroom 3, CPU, RAM and SSD(If planning to use as a scratch disk) matters most than the GPU,...
    So go with the i7 950, with 3x 4GB RAM and a small SSD for OS and maybe as a scratch disk too and switch the graphics to the new GT430, as it supports OpenGL 4.0, which would play nice with other Adobe applications such as PS...
  2. Interpolating from known data for LR2 (updated versions of apps typically even more multi core frenlier) and factoring $$/performance

    1055T + 880G mobo with HD 4250 IGP
    cheapo decent air cooler like CM 212+/GeminiIIS
    4-8GB DDR3
    60gb Sandforce based SSD?

    Note: not claiming supreme performer but definitely monster bang for buck hehe

    Basic template w/o SSD + OS @ $602AR

    Optional Items

    CM GeminiIIS cooler $38 Free Ship

    60GB Sandforce based SSD $130 Free Ship
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