XFX GeForce 9800gtx+ problem!!! [Please help]

Hello Tom's hardware community! I have a small/major problem which I need to resolve! I use a XFX GeForce 9800gtx+ and it has suddenly stopped working but more like malfunctioned... I have had this card for a while now and it's a very good card, slightly noise on start-up but meh, not life changing. But as I said about being noisy on start-up that's where my problem is... As some people may or may not know the 9800gtx+, when you boot your computer up it makes about 3 fan revs and then pauses for a second and then does 3 more and then the computer boots itself and everything works normally but today I ran into a major problem which I have never had before, I tried to boot up my PC and the graphics card fan was working but instead of making 3 revs and then pausing and then 3 more, it constantly was revving every second and wont stop, I don't know WHY this does it as it never has before, I have cleaned the fan out, I have cleaned my CPU and my RAM modules and cleaned all fans on my computer and it still makes the revving constantly! I will post my computers specs below in hope that there will be a conclusion to this problem, please help as I dont want to purchase another graphics card and I also have no other computer to test it on as my old ones used AGP slots.

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
3gb DDR2 RAM
500gb HD
XFX GeForce 9800gtx+
500watt power supply

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  1. 1) what is the temp of the card? perhaps it is overheating and the fans are on %100 to cool it. Maybe it just needs the heatsink removed and reapplied?

    2) Have you tried removing the GPU driver and reinstalling it?
  2. do you see any artifacts?

    the fans are running @ 100% but is the card still functioning correctly?
  3. sounds like your videocard is fried. sorry
  4. grieve said:
    do you see any artifacts?

    the fans are running @ 100% but is the card still functioning correctly?

    I can't tell you temperature's because I physically can't access my Operating System, the fans just keep revving and thats it, I don't see any artifacts and the computer wont start/boot up it just keeps revving the fan, I dont want my card to be broke but id rather know the answer to it all ><
  5. Assuming you dont have onboard vid/another card to test with. have you tried removing the card and checking for "beeps" also assuming that there is an on-board speaker installed.

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