Can someone tell me about the RK-750 Keyboard?

I've seen this keyboard under several different brands (that I never heard of) and under a lot of company names.
I'm building a home theater PC and I'm having trouble finding the perfect keyboard to use from the couch... I dont want a blow a benjamin on the diNovo Edge or diNovo mini. The Lenovo N5901 apparently misses a lot of keystrokes and I'm a fast typer.

I found this keyboard from some off-brands that's under several names.
but the main name is the RK-750
it also goes by KB-RK-750, KB-DS-RK-750, Focus RK-750, Ergoguys RK-750, DSI 2.4Ghz Wireless Space Saver, etc.

I try to search for info on it and all I get is a bunch of strange and foreign websites. Which makes me question buying this product. I saw an IO Gear keyboard that functions but is very ugly. (which also has 1 or 2 knockoffs)

Anybody can tell em about the quality and battery life of this product?
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  1. Hey Quake,

    I too am thinking seriously about this keyboard. Nobody answered you, but did you go ahead and get it? I've come close to getting the Rii one-hander, but I'll probably be typing a fair bit, especially in the OS and regular apps, not just d-padding around in Boxee. I assume using that trackball while gripping the keyboard will be a very natural way to mouse around.

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