Compatibility (Size and power wise) with a ViDock 4.

Hey, was just wondering if anyone could help me out with deciding on a graphics card for the ViDock 4. (ViDock info on the bottom). I'm looking at a Gigabyte 9800 GT, a Radeon 4850, or, if I splurge, a GTS 250. If anyone could tell me if any of those is incompatible, size and power wise, with the ViDock 4, that would be great! Been searching for weeks trying to decide with no definite answers so any help is appreciated!
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  1. Well, I have a ViDock 4 Plus with a PNY 460 GTX 1GB, and I am having either heat or power issues.
    The video signal is lost when the GPU is under heavy load. Although I am not quite sure whether it is the heat or is it the power shortage that is causing this.
    The ViDock 4 Plus I purchased comes with 2 AC adapters with a total theoretical output of up to 222W.
    I am wondering if I should swap for a 5770 instead to keep power consumption under the threshold.
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