Computer Only Works When Warm

OK, I've struggled with troubleshooting this computer for a while and have now found a consistent way to make it work and fail.

- Turn off computer for an hour or more and let it cool down.
- Turn it on, and get blue screen of death IRQ NOT LESS THAN...

- Turn on computer and start up memory diagnostics for 2+ hours.
- Reboot and it works.

- Shuttle SH55J2
- 2x 2G Corsair DDR3 1600 XR-CMX4GX3M2A1600C7
- Intel i5 CPU
- 2x 1.5TB 5400 WD Caviar Green

When the system is warm, it works flawlessly. My guess is something is lose and a connection is lost when things are cold. Any thoughts on troubleshooting this. I've reset the memory and the CPU. Graphic card and LAN are on the motherboard. Is it a faulty MB, should I send it back to Shuttle?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    I have had SATA ports with kinda dodgy connections, may be worth checking them really quick. I found that if I seeated them at the full depth the connection was flaky, pulling them out a fraction till it felt tight seemed to do the trick for me.

    I hope its something simple like this. Good Luck.
  2. BINGO! Let the machine cool down, it wouldn't start (same symptoms as before). Opened up the case and checked both SATA cords, I noticed one of them was zip tied (Shuttle factory install) and the cord looked a little tight and pulling connector a tiny little bit to the left. Undid the zip, reattached with more room and restarted.

    The machine started up properly immediately afterwards.

    Will do some more testing to make sure this is it and not some other silly thing that got bumped when I was opening the cover. But looks like you solved the problem!

    Thank you!!!
  3. Your welcome, glad it was a cheap and easy fix. ;D
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