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My 5 year old computer is badly in need of being rebuilt or replaced. My current harddrives are all IDE and with a new rebuild, of course, I'm looking at Sata which means chucking virtually everything I'm using now. I will be looking to keep data and will likely be using adapters to transfer data to my new sata harddrive. Due to expense I'm hoping to piecemeal my system together over time to whatever extent I can but want it operational day one. That means I'll initially be buying a new mobo, memory, and CPU. My question is how well will sata/ide adapters work with an IDE serving as my primary driver for an interim period of time. I realize IDE will, at best, run only as fast as IDE is designed to run. But will the adapters slow it down even more? Will it become almost impossibly slow as a primary driver? Also, how well do adapters work with the PSU? Yeah, I'm being cheap but its only for a short while.
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  1. What is your inital budget for your mobo, memory, CPU purchase? It may be possible to get a mobo with an IDE connector to help with your transition. That interface is going away for the most part, but can still be found.

    The adapters you refer to work ok. They work as fast as the IDE interface does now. You won't make your old HDDs any faster or slower.

    I would recommend you get a SATA HDD for your new config and install for OS and apps to it. Then, use an external IDE to USB enclosure to transfer files, etc.
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