GTX 460 SLI in HPE-270f

Hey, I want to buy the HPE-270f and upgrade to a GTX 460 SLI build. Will they fit, and what is a good power supply to upgrade to for this build? HPE-270f:;HHOJSID=1ngXM4pWv2QG0xyT1TGctLg2KQpwsGjGFQvP6Yk1D29yBT425kF3!-143837992?jumpid=in_r329_personalization/browse1/PDP_PDPGTX 460: Thank you.
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  1. The link to the HPE-270f didn't work.

    Is this it?

    It already has a 5770, and I don't even see where it says that motherboard is SLI or CF.

    By the way if that is the computer you can build a much better computer for less if you build it yourself.
  2. Sorry, link edited.

    I am not going to be paying full price for the HPE-270f, so that is definately what I'm going with.

    I just don't know if the GTX460 SLI build will fit, and what kind of power supply I need to upgrade to.
  3. Well for a power supply you can get by with a 650w Corsair PSU.

    However I'm not sure if that motherboard supports SLI, or CF, or either. I couldn't find anything on it.
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