NZXT PHANTOM Compatibility

Hi I had a phantom coming in and I want to confirm that I won't have any compatibility issues ahead of time with my parts.

Below I have listed myp arts

Asus P8p67 pro 3.0
corsair 650hx
kingston ssd 64 gb
seagate 2tb
corsair dominator ddr3 (2x4gb)
Cooler Master Hyper 212
The drives and other componenets don't worry me at all

I was looking into the forums about something about the USB 3.0 I want to know a direct solution because what I see is people buying a mounting bracket. For starters like me its a bit confusing. It'd be great if someone can do some explanation.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Yes, you are correct in assuming that you will not have any comparability issues, everything seems to be great.

    On your RAM you didn't list the speed, but if I were you I would get DDR3 - 1600MHz

    for USB 3.0 you need something like this.

    which can be installed either into the front of the case or the back of the case. You just plug the cable into the USB 3.0 port on your MB.

    Also, you already have 2 ports in the back of the computer (built into your MB to begin with) so, you don't need one of those unless you want more than the 2 ports.
  2. Seems like there's no included front-panel USB 3. This doesn't mean you won't be able to use it, though. You can just plug whatever USB 3 products you want into the motherboard at the back. Alternately, you can buy a bracket that will fit in a drive bay and give you, usually, two or more front-panel USB 3 ports, plugging in either to the USB 3 port on the port panel or the header directly on the motherboard (inside the case), depending on the model. This is only necessary if you have some pressing need for USB 3 on the front panel.
  3. Thanks for that advise. Im not too sure whether I am going to keep this motherboard or not because it creates so many issues.

    Not sure if yall are aware the p8p67s are just like p67s in my opinion

    Everytime I turn on my computer it will say NO hard disk detected slowing boot up by 3 seconds. Than it has so many BSOD's time to time over little dumb things

    I was considering a gigabyte board but heres the confusing part. If ASUS Rma's me a board is their any way I can still get a new retail packed one beacuse obviously I don't want this board any more I just lost my trust into ASUS.

    Thanks for the suggestions! I hope I Can get this taken care of asap.

    PS Ram speed is 1333 got it on sale for 44$
  4. No, I think Asus will just give you a fresh p8p67 (which, by the way, is precisely p67; p8p67 is just Asus's name for its p67 product line). However, many, many people use that board without any trouble, so I really think you'll be fine with a new one. It wouldn't be so enormously popular if many units had problems.
  5. Honestly though what can I do to fix the NO HARD DISK DETECTED error. thx!
  6. I would suggest updating the BIOS
  7. Technically would it help speed a USB transfer speed over if I had USB 3.0 in the front may be more convenient another main reason I'm considering a board switch
  8. whether you plugged a 3.0 drive into the front or back of the computer would make no difference on speed, only a little easier to access
  9. tennisplayer01 said:
    Honestly though what can I do to fix the NO HARD DISK DETECTED error. thx!

    It's the Marvell Controller that is giving this message. To disable it, just go into BIOS Advanced Mode. Then navigate to Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration. You should see Marvell Storage Controller and Marvell Storage OPROM 'enabled'. It's obvious from the message you're getting that you don't have anything plugged into the Marvell ports, so it's safe to 'disable' both.

    However, in future, if you do add a HDD to a Marvell port make sure the Marvell Storage Controller only is 'enabled'. You don't need to have OPROM enabled. OPROM just gives you drive messages/errors.
  10. Just to confirm you if I have a hard disk drive and a SSD in their would I still be following your instructions above? If this hard disk drive error goes away I think I will stick with my board.

    Honestly though what difference does it make to have a better motherboard other than being able to have usb 3.0, more ram slots, more GPU Spots and sata ports?

    Also about my ram slots whats the difference on the blue and the black. Also the blue and black Sata ports.

    Please advise thank you!
  11. SATA Ports
    Gray = SATA 6Gb/s Intel
    Blue = SAYA 3Gb/s Intel
    Dark Blue = SATA 6Gb/s Marvell

    RAM - different colors are different channel. You have dual channel memory on that board.

    Black Channel 1,
    Blue Channel 2

    Disabling the Marvell controller would be fine and not cause any issues if you are not using the Navy Blue SATA connections. If you are, switch over to the intel ports.
  12. I think in the manual it states to use A2 and B2 channel for the RAM. This is to accomodate people with HUGE aftermarket coolers that interfere with the RAM if placed in the A1 and B1 slots. It's important to stick the RAM in the proper channel. Otherwise, you'll be running single channel and not dual channel.

    I have the P8P67 pro and wish I could get more SATA ports! Yeah, I filled all 8 ports very easily...

    I have the Marvell controller enabled and OPROM disabled. I have not experienced any problems whatsoever. I've OC'd to 4.3ghz @ 1.270v.
  13. What's the GPU?
  14. My bad the GPU is a Saphire 5850 Toxic 1gb
    So if i have corsair dominators 1333 2x4gb do I put it in the blue or the black to make it work? Just wanting to make sure I am using the full ram of it.

    1333 is a bit slow but it does its job.

    Whats intel and marvel ports?
  15. tennisplayer01 said:
    So if i have corsair dominators 1333 2x4gb do I put it in the blue or the black to make it work?

    Put them in the blue slots only for optimal performance according to Asus manual.

    Whats intel and marvel ports?

    You can plug your HDD and ODD (optical disk drive - ie. DVD Rom) into the Intel ports without issues. Marvell is strictly for data drives (ie. HDDs) only. Do not plug any ODD into the Marvell ports. From what I've gathered, you don't have that many drives.

    So if you have an ODD plug that into the light blue SATA II (3gb/s) port using a SATA II cable. Also do the same for your HDD and SSD if they are SATA II drives.

    Only use the gray SATA III (6gb/s) ports if you have any SATA III HDDs or SSDs. Connecting them with a SATA III cable.

    Only use the navy blue SATA III ports only if you've exhausted all other ports. These are the Marvell controller ports and from what I've perused, they work slower than the Intel ones (not too sure though). The controller must also be enabled in the BIOS if you do plug any HDDs into them in order for them to work.
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