160 GB 7200.9 vs 1.5TB WD15EADS for main drive

Hi all,

So I'm trying to decide which drive is going to be faster as the main boot drive. The 7200.9 is unfortunately limited to ULTRA 100 (max speed is 100MB/S).
I haven't been able to fine any reviews concerning them so wondering if any members have experience with both of these drives.

What free program would be good to benchmark the drives and what results should I looking for?
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    The 160 GB 7200.9 is so old I'd be afraid to sue it for anything. I have 7200.10s that are 6 years old
  2. The drive has been working fine without issues for years and I have backups of most of my data :P

    Just want to know which drive would be fastest
  3. What program could I use to benchmark the drives and what values other than raw throughput should I be looking for?
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