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I recently built my new pc and I just noticed the other day when I was transferring files to my flash drive that Windows is giving me the option to eject my boot SSD and my data HDD. Granted I am not dumb enough to do this but I don't feel comfortable having those options available. Does anyone know how to disable those options? Thanks.
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  1. Hello... go to properties for each drive in question... and look at the policies enabled... write caching enabled on some type of drives will do this.
  2. Check your BIOS settings. Seems like the port your SSD is connected to has Hot Swapping or Hot Plugging enabled.

    Disable the setting and your O/S should no longer give you an option to eject the drive.
  3. I just finished a new build,windows 7, z97 extreme4 with Samsung 850 ssd, i5 processor, kept getting the safely remove icon for the ssd drive. After a lot of experimenting I found I had the sata cable for the ssd in the wrong slot, should go in the SATA3_0 and not in SATA3_A0. I have used this forum for help for a while so I thought I'd give some back. ; ) happy building!
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