Boot Problems With HP Pavilion zd 8001ap

I have an HP Pavilion zd 8001ap. The laptop will switch on and attempt to boot and switch off about a second later. The power switch remains on but the other lights. speakers, dvd, music,loks and digital media blink on and off as the computer tries to boot. It does not go past the post. Tried test using Microscope 2000. no success.
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  1. make sure exhaust vent is clean. try to boot.

    if still not posting, check AC adapter is functional. Remove battery, hdd, dvd, memory, turn it on with ac adapter plugged it. See if it post or give beep sound. If it does beep, put only the memory and turn it on again. See if it post.

    If no post after all this, chances the board is bad. Was it working ok before?
  2. does it have nvidia graphics?
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