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Looking for input on $1100 gaming/pro audio system

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October 13, 2010 3:21:25 AM

Hi everyone, I'm about to buy my homemade system and I have a few of the usual questions (compatibilty, where to spend the last few bucks etc etc) So away we go with the system build (all from


AsRock H55DE3


Intel i3-540

Video Card

Sapphire Radeon HD 5770


2x GSkill 4GB DDR3 1600 kits

Power Supply

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W

Hard Drive

Western Digital 500Gb Caviar Blue

CPU Cooler Not that it's a necessity, but...

Artic Cooling Freezer 7 pro rev 2

Will be running a 22" monitor at 1680 x 1050

The pro audio side of things is a dj program and overall greatest thing ever (till the next one comes out at least) Traktor Kontrol S4 Which has a built in audio card so it will suit my needs perfectly. The Gaming side is basically going to be some older games (Crysis, X3:Terran Conflict and some other stuff that I know wont be a problem) and Starcraft 2 so I should be good (I hope)

On to my questions...

1) Is the Powersupply big enough for what I have? Am I going to be running into problems with the OCZ brand/is there a bit better brand out there?

2) Would 4gb of memory be sufficient for my needs and would the 84 dollars be better spent elsewhere?

3) Is that motherboard of decent quality, is there a better solution around that price, will I run into compatibility issues or installation space problems?

4) I have about 125 (or 209 if I take the memory down to 4gb) dollars left in my build where would it be best spent?

5) Can I make a boot that has essentially a "clean boot" with the motherboard sound and then another using the S4's audio device...I don't know win7 so if it is really simple under it just pat me on the head and say go on mike :D 

6) What (if any, I assume there are at least a couple) advantages do the i5 and i7 series possess over the i3 series? What I mean to ask is if there is an overclocking advantage or whatnot. Please let me know.

Thanks for the help in advance everyone.

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October 13, 2010 3:45:21 AM

Hello, I'll answer your questions first then say some other stuff.

1) You PSU is overkill for your needs. If your not going to be upgrading big time I would suggest a 400W or 450W. Also I prefer different brands then OCZ, only because OCZ makes some bad PSUs and I'm lazy to learn which they are :) .

2) 4GB would be plenty enough for your needs. Even if it isn't you can easily upgrade in the future, if you find that it is not enough just buy some more. Save the money.

3) I prefer to stear away from AsRock boards, especially since your looking to OC (it seems). I'd say pay the money to get an ASUS or Gigabyte board.

4) It depends, you could just save the money. Or probably the best upgrade would be the graphics card for gaming. A GTX 460 1GB should be good, and if you get an SLI capable board you can get another one later on if you need. A problem is that your i3 could become a bottleneck to 2 GTX 460s though if you OC it should be small. Also you do not really require this much graphics performance as you have a small resoltution, I say save the money.

5) I don't know what this means...

6) The i5 6XX series is really no better then the i3 5XX for you. The i5 7XX are quad cores and are good for high powered gaming machines. The i7 8XX and 9XX are the same as the 7XX but have hyperthreading. This is not required for gaming and does not have much affect on the majority of programs. The i5 7XX is the highest you want to go for gaming. Though the i7 9XX is on X58 and is thus better for PCs with more then two graphics cards.

I would get the Cooler master hyper 212+ instead of that cooler. It is much better and is actually cheaper.

Hope that helps.
October 13, 2010 4:50:35 AM

Thanks for the reply Wolygon, I'm going to post up a few revisions that I made to my build...

I updated a few things (also I should say that I am purchasing using a bunch of Newegg combo deals...)

I changed my:

Power Supply - Corsair CMPSU-650tx

Motherboard - Asus P7P55-LX

Video Card - Gigabyte 460 GTX

I kept the cooler the same for 2 reasons, because I get a 15 dollar combo discount and I am familiar with it from my older pc that I used it in.

I lowered the Memory down to 4GB, So I have gotten everything (Monitor, Operating System, Computer "guts" with case and Mouse and keyboard) for 1078 shipping included.

Also could someone point me in the direction of a decent wireless card (pci or pci-e)

On number 5...the thing that I'm wondering about is this, the Traktor S4 actually has a soundcard built into it, but I am going to be using my pc for gaming so I want to be able to make a "clean Boot" where the onboard sound isn't "active" do I have to make a different boot profile in the bios (so to avoid conflicts) or is that necessary anymore. Like I said I'm kinda behind with computers.

Thanks again and if any of those new parts are total crap, again please let me know.
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October 13, 2010 8:54:10 AM

Oh ok so you are installing an aftermarket sound card? You shouldn't have to do anything fancy, if you do the card should say how.

If you are looking to SLI then that board will not do. You notive that it is x16/x4 SLI, this will bottleneck your SLIed 460s. Look for one which is x8/x8. Heres a guide: