Best Image quality advice for HTPC/Kuro combo Please!

Hello all.

I took my oldish comp and turned it into an htpc for my Kuro 500m :o :bounce: :love: :love: :love:

Currently I have an ati 4xxx graphics card running

My question is whats the best hardware/software/settings that will produce the best quality image to make my jaw drop cause for those of you who have heard of the kuro you know its the king of plasmas by a long shot. I currently have isf modes unlocked on it as well. Willing to spend some money if ati isnt the way to go. What about intel clear view tech?

Vast majority of my files are mkv and soon m2ts and image files will make up a larger and larger portion.

And what about 1080p/24 playback? the kuro has a 72hz mode supposedly made for it.
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  1. There's a standard test called HQV that rates video cards for their picture quality and video post-processing. The higher the score the better.

    As a good example, this review has both DVD and blu-ray HQV tables comparing various video cards.

    As you can see from that review, the Radeon HD55xx series and higher score the best on the HQV benchmark test for both DVD and blu-ray playback.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks i appreciate it. Trying to get equal to or better image quality then a stand alone blu ray player
  3. ^^^

    Then you will have find a test that compares various blu-ray player to the output of various video cards. Easier said than done.
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