Microsoft X5 gaming mouse causing crash on NBA 2K11

As the title goes, I know this may sound weird but my X5 gaming mouse is causing my NBA 2K11 to close randomly while playing or navigating the menus. I remove the my mouse and just use my keyboard an it works. I tried also using an ordinary mouse and it works also. :??:

does anyone have encountered this issue?

Help please.....

Thank you.
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  1. Check for new drivers and game patches. There is definitely some conflict going on.
  2. I have downloaded the latest driver for the mouse and still the same the game crashes. Just installed recently Prototype, the games crashes as well. when I remove the mouse and replace it my wireless LOgitech mouse and it work. I tried also an ordinary mouse and it work as well.

    I dont dont know what to do anymore. please help me guys. thank you in advance
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