Strange ATI 4800 Series Driver Issue (mobo related maybe?)

My graphics card works fine as far as I know (I am getting some game crashes), but I can't access the catalyst control center, and this is a big problem for me since I just got a new monitor, and I can't make use of the entire screen (right now it just uses about half the screen to display the image, and I am 100% sure it's a GPU issue, even contacted monitor support)

Ok so here is some information:
-Mother Board: MB GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3
-VGA SAPPHIRE 100265L HD4830 512M RT
-Using CD that came with graphics card
-Downloaded mobo drivers online
-Dual Monitor (1 DVI-DVI, 1 HDMI-DVI)
-Operating System: Windows 7 Professional
-Everything worked before, I have no idea at what point it stopped working

Steps I took to try to fix it:

ATTEMPT (entire package)
-Disabled automatic windows driver update
-Uninstalled ATI software in add or remove programs
-Uninstalled and deleted drivers from device manager
-Restarted my computer
-Installed from CD (vista version), installation finished with warnings (yet no warnings are shown though, I have a feeling this isn't the problem though), said it was successful
-Ran the repair stuff in the installer
-Restarted my computer

-Device manager says I still don't have a display driver, and my screen confirms this (resolution and other stuff is messed up)
-Add or remove programs shows that ATI software is installed
-When I right click the desktop I don't see a catalyst control center option
-When I try to install it again it says everything is installed already
-After this I just turn on automatic installation and windows 7 installs the driver and I can see things normally again (I still can't access the control center though)

ATTEMPT (just catalyst)
-Installed only the catalyst component, installation successful but with warnings (no warnings show up in the log though)
-Installation folder is empty, every time I try to install the catalyst install manager it says it wasn't installed previously and says installation was successful, but again the folder is empty

I really don't know what else to try, my best guess is it's mobo related but it will take me a long time to find and install the chipset, so I don't want to try it until I hear the opinions of some veterans XD.

I have already wasted quite a few hours on this so help would be VERY appreciated, I just want to get the control center working : (.

If you need any more information or screenshots or anything let me know, I'd be more than happy to provide them for you!
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  1. Have you tried downloading and installing (after uninstalling the messed up drivers) the newest ATI drivers from AMD's website?

    I have that MB by the way and have had no driver conflict issues, except if you uninstall the chipset drivers. Then all craziness occurs.
  2. Yes I forgot to mention this, my first try was with the latest drivers, same result.
  3. Try installing a fresh copy of windows and then download the latest drivers from AMD's site and see if it helps.
  4. O man it would take me at least a full days worth of work to do that, that's definitely not an option for me unfortunately.

    EDIT: To re-iterate, everything graphics-wise is working right now, I just want to be able to access the catalyst control center
  5. So there's nothing I can do other than a clean re-install? No ideas : <?
  6. well i have the same problem the only way i got it work is install uninstall reinstall almost 10-20 time den d catalyst center opens and wrk
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