Hello,is it possible to tell me 2 specific things?the first is,if i can add memories 4x4gb 2200mhz(4 240-pin ram slots and the limit is 16 gb)and the second question is,(if yes for the first question)where can i find such memories?in short,i want to push my motherboard to the maximum(also adding cpu intel i7-880,etc....)
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  1. Yes you can add up to 16GB of memory at 2200MHz (OC'd)

    If you look at the manufacturer page you can see this.

    It will be very expensive if you want the DDR3-2200
  2. for a moment i thought it was ok= it says: "Designed Specifically for Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs and P67 Platforms":
    will these memories operate 100% independendly from chipset type?mine is p55 (please make an effort to bypass QVL)
  3. I have the P7P55E Pro with an I7 875K CPU and am running 16GIG of XMS3 memory it is working good for the last year.

    I found out after i built this that to hit the highest speed 1600 i have to go a little over on the voltage but it works fine and i don't overclock that much any ways.
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