Proccessor, Motherboard or Video Graphics

Hey! I'm here with a request and I need help

Well My system is;

Core 2 duo Processor E8400 @ 3.00Ghz stock speed
Intlel Classic Motherboard DG33BU
4gb Kingston ram 800mhz DDR2
5850 Twin Frozr II Video Card
700 watts power supply OCZ
320gb Hard Drive Hitachi Unknown rpm

What should I upgrade? Here are the options:

1) Upgrade the processor to a Q9650 3.00 Ghz. Price is $329 and I can sell my used E8400 at $100(I live in Mexico).

2) Upgrade the Motherboard to a Gigabyte that can actually let me overclock the E8400 close to 4.00Ghz(I got a good heatsink) BUT I know 0 about overclocking, I mean I have seen lots of guides and such but Im not rich and I can't aford to break a component so....I might use the Easy Tune 6 to automatic overclock it.

3)Upgrade to used 5870 ROG 2gb. I see this is the least important I think.

Im playing at 1920x1080, on cod4 I can achieve 150-400fps depending on where I look but on a recent game like Metro2033 everything on Max and dx11 Im able to get only 20 fps.

Thanks for reading it and I will appreciate any answer.

Thanks again.
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  1. First, use reasonable settings, you arent going to be maxing out Metro2033 with any single card, turning it down slightly will boost your FPS significantly.

    You already have a 5850 so replacing it with a 5870 isnt going to gain you much, certainly not enough to offset the cost.

    A Q9650 would provide you a bit of a boost but its certainly not worth $330, getting another motherboard to allow you to OC is definitely the best option of the three.
  2. I also vote for the new motherboard. Then learn to use the BIOS to overclock it.

    Try to avoid using Windows utilities to overclock.

    One problem that you are going to find is that it will be getting to find Core2 boards that take DDR2 RAM. I like the Gigabyte P45 boards.
  3. Ok I will get the Motherboard.

    And the good thing is they are very cheap and include alot of features.

    I would overclock if I knew how to but is there a safe way to learn? Like I said if I break my pc I won't be able to replace components in a long time and I can't afford to be without a computer due to my work and fun time.

    And why is the Utility bad? I heard from the utilities Asus is the best since it actually does some try and be safe methods, and Gigabyte just overclocks to certain speeds.
  4. If its an option, save for a better upgrade. A new mobo seems like it will offer little in the long run. especially since its a dead platform.

    If you can keep the cash and eventually get a new mobo/processor combo, you will get a bigger performance boost.
  5. I own a Q9550 in a good set up. I recently dropped a 6850 dual core for lack of performance and bought an AMD set up. . In all seriousness, what is the price of a new AMD 955 or 965 and a motherboard that will be compatible with your ram ? Would be your best bet IMO. I have a 5850 and it's too good to toss aside for a 5870. For that price of $329 you might be able to get a new hard drive too.
  6. As long as you go slowly with your OCing you will find a point where its unstable at that setting long before you do damage to it to make it permanently unstable. Just go slowly and you will be fine, dont try for the max OC out of your CPU, just get a decent one.
  7. Most P4x boards should support DDR2. There are some that support DDR3, but they aren't many. (and always have a DDR2 counterpart.)

    I'm not sure whats the best way to go here. A faster/more core CPU is a good idea. An OC'd 8400 can't only do so much in well threaded applications. I don't think you need to go all out for a Q9650, even something like a Q8200 or Q9400 (OC'd of course) would do fine.

    A new motherboard to OC that new CPU will probably be required. Intel doesn't usually have a lot of OCing options on their boards. I'd also take a look at that drive. If its one of the older 320GB models its hurting your load times. You don't need to go all out and get an SSD, but something newer will make your machine feel a lot faster. With your budget and buying options, can you get an Q9x00, new board, and new drive?
  8. lower your settings in metro 2033 and save for a complete upgrade in a few months (remember, bulldozer and sandy bridge come out this year!)
  9. @hunter315 Will do, thanks

    @4745454b Im currently testing the speed of my Hard Drive, will Update with results. As for a new mobo, processor and hard drive...wouldnt now need a ddr3? Since most new motherboards are ddr3 dual channel/triple channel. If it was for a completely new system, I would have to spend $700 (Keeping OS WINDOWS 7, video card, haf case.

    @ swiftymorgain Well I see your point, a Phenom II x4 965 and a am3 motherboard wont go above $300.
  10. simple_inhibition said:
    lower your settings in metro 2033 and save for a complete upgrade in a few months (remember, bulldozer and sandy bridge come out this year!)

    They coming out this year?
  11. sandy bridge does, i believe Bulldozer is q1 2011 though. unless something has changed i am unaware of.
  12. I think AMD is now saying H1 2011. Other rumors say the server parts will hit H2 2011, while desktop parts will come in Q3 2011. Rumors are rumors, so believe what you will.

    Seeing as new parts are coming that will require new sockets I don't like buying a lot of new stuff now. Getting a new quad and using your current board (or a cheap new one that supports OCing) is a good idea. You could also buy a cheap AM2+ board and reuse your DDR2 ram. I still feel getting you some sort of quad core and possibly a faster hdd is the best thing to do. Wait for the new parts to come out and for us to see how they are before worrying about upgrading more.
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