Trying to use 3 monitors with a 5970

I'm trying to use 3 monitors with a AMD5970 card. The monitors are pretty basic syncMaster 943N 20" with a max res of 1280 x 1024.

The problem is that the monitors won't extend to the monitor coming from the mini display port. That monitor shows up as a non generic pnp monitor whereas the other two show up as SyncMaster. It did seem to work initially for about 30 seconds but the minute I tried grouping stopped! And won't revert back. Now if it shows up at all it shows up with a resolution of 640 x 400!

Any help greatly appreciated.

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  1. What type of connection to the monitors are you using? are you using any converters?
  2. 2 x DVI to VGA cable
    1 x Apple miniDisplayport to VGA converter (then VGA cable)
  3. Can you link to the converter you have. They seem to be hit or miss.
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