PLEASE HELP - Underlying hardware on Toshiba Equium NOT recognised

Hello world,

I have a Toshiba Equium A210 model series laptop. I was using it and accidently dropped the laptop and the old hard drive stopped working. The laptop was running Windows Vista.

UNFORTUNATELY, I have misplaced the Windows Recovery CD that came with the device.

I used a friends hard drive from an exact same laptop and installed it on my device, everything worked fine. The laptop immeditely recognised the hard drive and everything worked as before.

The friend left country so cant get an image of their device.

I purchased a brand new 500 GB hard drive off ebay and installed that. I then installed Windows XP and the underlying hardware is NOT being recognised at all.

The underlying hardware includes; sound card, ethernet cable port, WIFI card and grapics card.

I have tried to copy new device drivers for the laptop using the ethernet port on the laptop. This did not work.

I installed the Toshiba drivers from website. This did not work. The method was using a USB Flash drive and transferring the files back from desktop to laptop.

I then reinstalled the os once again in case i made a mistake. Same problem, underlying hardware is not being recognised at all.

I have heard of software like Uniblue, but unfortunately as no web connection, cant do a one hit pony and get an update on all the drivers.

Please could anybody shed some light on this matter.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    First off, beware of ebay. You may have gotten a bad drive or one that is not compatible. I would go down to your local tech shop and find an inexpensive HDD and install a fresh OS on that, import you image files, and boot up.
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