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Hi all, I am about to click the "purchase now" button on a new sub-$500 gaming platform. The only thing bothering me is the CPU I have selected.

Important parts:
XFX Radeon HD 5850 Black 1GB
Mushkin Silverline Stiletto 2x2GB
MSI 870-G45
Corsair A50
Antec Green 430W

The processor in the cart is the Athlon II X3 445. If I can unlock the core, pow, awesome. If I can't it's still an awesome cpu for the price.

BUT, for $30 more I can get the Athlon II X4 640, which 100% has it unlocked.

What's the best for long term, am I going to get the value from the $30 (60% more $$) in the long run? Will the X3 445 without the 4th core unlock be able to keep up with the 5850?

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    Here is a comparison between the X3 450 & X4 645 (don't have your models so went up one):

    The results should be similar with your CPU questions. For a gaming build, the 30% cost increase is not worth it. If you use your system for more than just gaming (video editing, CS5.... etc.), the 30% cost increase would be worth it in the future... IMO
  2. Thanks Tecmo. It's actually 40% more expensive with tax added in.

    Any other opinions would be helpful!
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