Exciting case announcements at CES 2011 ?

Checking in here to see what case announcements people find interesting at CES 2011.

The tower case I've been most interested in lately is the: Zalmon GS1200.
"The docking support on top of the case allows convenient
connection to HDDs."
- You slide the drives in horizontally to the dock, not vertically like on the Thermaltake with similar feature but vertical. Therefore, I wouldn't have to slide out the entire machine if it were under my desk to use the top dock
- Top mounted USB 3.0 port

Anyone hear of announcements at CES that are similar or better?

I'm also shopping for a HTPC case, also with front-mounted USB3 ports.

(I will never buy another case without USB 3 on front. My existing antiquated cases all have USB2, and I'm so tired of waiting days on backups that I take to the safe deposit box quarterly. The top HDD dock would be at even faster speeds, right? i.e., Sata 2 or 3 speeds, right?)
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  1. thermaltake level 10 gt

  2. That Zalman looks nice, I was looking at a MS1000-HS2 but wanted a black interior.

    Looks like the GS1200 has that. :D
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