Building gaming pc for around $1000

I plan to make a new pc for my gaming needs. I will be playing at 1920*1080 resolution in the highest graphics settings.
I plan to play BF: Bad Company 2, the Dragon Age games, Mass Effect 2, Starcraft 2, fallout 3 and also new vegas(coming out this month).
I will buy this either at the end of this month or the beginning of November.
I plan to spend ~$1000 including rebates and savings.
I am not sure if overclocking the cpu would increase my fps in games, if it does include a cpu cooler if needed.
I plan to overclock the gpus to around 850MHz.

Here are the parts I have picked out over a week of researching...
2x gpu$340
microcenter cpu$170
750w psu$90
1tb hard drive$60
cd/dvd drive$15

total: $1035
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  1. ^ The build is good, but do check out other cases like CM HAF series, Lian-Li as these cases would offer equally good or better features for less...

    And as you will be buying by this month-end, do check out the new ATI cards that will be launched by this month,...ALso dont forget the newegg combo deals,...
  2. Yeah nice build,.
    +1 You could look into the Cm haf series, they are really nice, and some pretty inexpensive.
    If you want to oc the cpu, you might want a cpu cooler, a cm hyper 212 + for the price would be excellent
  3. I am planning on getting a 60gb ssd and it seems like these are the ones to choose from because they have the highest write/read speeds for the 60gb category:
    ssd 1
    ssd 2
    ssd 3
    ssd 4
    ssd 5
    ssd 6

    I plan to use one of these ssd's in my new gaming rig and I would store the os and around 3 games on it to make the os load faster and game load times faster.
    It seems like they are all the same, could someone explain to me why one of these might perform better than the other?(if all were same price)
  4. ^ You can expect similar performance from all the above drives as they use the same SandForce chip...So get the one that is cheaper...
  5. I wouldn't waste my time on those 768 cards. Go right for the 1gig. If you plan on "cranking" up the goodies you'll need the extra ram. Playing at 1680x1050 it wouldn't be enough. Been there. And because you have 2 cards doesn't mean that the memory doubles, it doesn't.
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