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So i have a sapphire 5850 i need to know if i should get a second or... jus get one 5870 or switch to a Nvidia 470 or 2 Nvidia 460 i jus dont know :bounce:
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  1. If you already have a 5850, your PSU and mobo is up to CF then I'd get another 5850.
  2. You're not happy with your 5850 performance?
  3. Well two GTX 460 1gb cards will be better than crossfired HD5850s and cost less if you can sell the HD5850 for a decent price.
  4. Helltech said:
    You're not happy with your 5850 performance?

    Good Question !

    EDIT :-- What games are you playing at what RES ?
  5. Are you an enthusiast?
    To me, HD5850 is already strong enough to play any games recently with decent setting. :)
  6. ya i am an enthusisast i play games on a 23" LG 1080p intel i7 im always lookin to up grade i guessi always want more lol i play dragon age bad company 2 and so on so really anything the 5850 does great by its self jus always want to look at more power
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