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Hi. I wasn't sure what category this fell under. But, you guys have helped me so much with another issue that I thought I'd try to get another problem resolved.
I live in a secluded area so only have access to wildblue and hughesnet. In my case, I have wildblue.
Everything was fine for the first year I bought the computer and hooked up to the internet and then I'd notice that I'd have access to the internet only if I was continuously using it. If I walked away from the computer for 10 minutes or more then I'd get limited access which would eventually go to the red X with no access. I called wildblue and they said that I need to have my NIC card reset and an IP address set up. They said I could call Microsoft regarding this issue. They wanted to charge me for their service. Any suggestions??
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  1. Windows 7 will test your connection and reset the ip address if required so you don't have to pay. You can also try a manual connection under tools>internet options>connections.
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