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Hi guys recently I tried plugging my Hitachi 2TB external drive on my xbox to use 16GB (xbox's maximum storage on a external device) of my hard drive to store things from my xbox, but whent i said configure it started a formatting process so I unplugged before it started. When I replugged it on my PC it didn't recognised it and when I re-initialized it and set it on J: it said the file system was RAW instead of NTSF and the PC says I need to format the hard drive. Is there a way I won't need to fromat it because I have plenty of photo's videos and over 200go of files that are lost if I format it .. PLEASE HELP ME

BTW: sorry for my bad english :S :)
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  1. Try using testdisk, it could recover the partition data off the drive. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk

    Don't store files you only have in one place on an external drive, keep the files on your computer and use the external as a backup.
  2. How do I use it to recover my files ?
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