Upgrading Old PC Which DDR2 Ram is Better?

I would like to get my computer to 4 gigs of ram and I am debating between two sets of ram. The biggest thing I'm wondering is it worth the five dollar difference? I will be using it for occasional games, but I don't like my 3 gigs of OCZ ram that I have now. The reason I have 3 gigs of ram is that one of my 4 sticks flaked out, so now I can only use 3...

Here's the two options:

ADATA 2x2gb

Crucial 2x2gb plus 5 dollar off coupon code that ends tomorrow (the 7th)

This is what I currently have 3 gigs of.
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  1. The A-Data has a lower latency (5) than the crucial, which is 6. Lower latencies generally perform better. I would get the A-Data.
  2. That's what I thought. I just wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks!
  3. lower latencies make little difference. At the same price the A-Data is the better choice but don't expect a noticeable difference.

    I found a set of Corsair DDR2 800 with 5-5-5-18 timings for $44.99 if those two sets aren't the only ones you want.

  4. I guess the heat spreader doesn't really madder that the A-Data has. More for looks I than anything else probably. Maybe there will be more resale value on the A-Data because of it :??: not really I guess but who knows.
  5. So why are you buying new memory when you can just RMA your old memory? Isn't that what warranty is for?
  6. lol, I honestly didn't think of the warranty... I will send them back, and see what OCZ customer support is like. I'm glad I didn't buy anything, and thank you for saying that seemingly obvious answer...
  7. Heat spreaders on slower RAM (aka cooler with smaller voltages) doesn't matter because the RAM won't get hot enough to justify them beyond cosmetic looks if you don't overclock the RAM. Over clocked then the heat spreaders may be helpful/necessary but most people don't put a big overclock on RAM not rated for it or low voltage RAM.
  8. Send all the sticks back and say they fail memtest at the rated voltage, timings and speed, whatever they are.
  9. Make sure they know you didn't run them under any settings beyond their rated capabilities even if you did. They have no way of knowing if you did something wrong until you tell them you did at which point the warranty is void.

    Moral is if a manufacturer is kept in the dark about why your hardware has failed/caught fire and of your ability (what is a BIOS mr IT guy?) to use the hardware the more likely it will be replaced.
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