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I am having issues with my computer. I usually play Borderlands and WOW. However I have been having issues with my system. Unfortunately something was wrong with my HD, I tried switching back to my previous CPU (X2 5800) but to no avail. So I sent in the HD, and got a new version of the one I listed below. So I have reformatted and have a fresh copy of Windows 7, and I have updated my drivers. However I have still been getting crashing issues with my computer, recently I was playing wow and after about 30 minutes the screen just went black and the computer stopped responding. Previously when I was having these crashing issues with Borderlands I thought it might be overheating, however the CPU nor the graphics card got too hot. I also can't seem to find anything in the error logs. I've tested my ram with memtest, no errors. I'm thinking the video card is the problem. Any suggestions? I have about a month left on the warranty, so I guess I could just send it in. Any help or other theories would be helpful.



AMD Phenom 9850
Asus M2N-E mobo
2gb Ram
1 TB WD Caviar Black
Sapphire HD 4850 512mb
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  1. What is your PSU (make & model)... I would point to your PSU next, since you have tested Memory and Heat.
  2. Antec 500w True Power Trio
  3. Do you have a spare GPU to test to see if it is slowly dieing?

    Also, the same for your PSU... Do you have another one to test??
  4. I had the same black screen + unresponsive computer issue when my GTX 460s overheated. They cool off very quickly from reboot, so you wouldn't think they'd overheated (after an immediate reboot, my GPUs were at 50C, but they usually ran about 70-80C when they overheated, which seems about right to trigger a black screen).

    I just don't know what would be making the GPU overheat. Mine was due to the intake fan of one card being blocked by the other card (dual slot cards).
  5. Thanks for the replies. I checked my bios and all the voltages were fine. I have a power supply tester on the way, so I'll check it just to make sure. All my fans are set up correctly, but I suppose it could be overheating. I don't have a spare GPU lying around anymore so I can't try another. I have in the meantime requested an RMA for my card. So I guess I'll just send it in and see what happens.
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