2 different routers on same network

Hello, I am moving to a new house, and the network so far goes

Comcast Modem> Firewall linksys router> switcher >computers

Is there a way i can put a wireless router after the Switcher (hoping to put it in the attic so that it can reach the entire house) without the routers conflicting?
Also is there a way to have all the computers in the same house connect to a single printer easily?
Anyone recommend a good wireless router with a long range?
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  1. You CAN, however you really don't want one. I'd just get one that supports "bridged mode" or "access point only" mode. That way it just adds wireless to your existing network without creating additional networks, dhcp servers, and more nat'ing... Any of Apple's wireless access points / routers will support the "access point only" mode. There are a lot of other products that will too, but I know all the current apple ones have it.
  2. Get a wireless AP. It will do wireless without the router stuff.
    You could also use a regular router and turn off dhcp. This will essentially make work in switch/wireless mode only. All dhcp reguests will be handled by the first router.
  3. do you recommend a good, reliable wireless access point?
    i looked into the apple ones the guy before me suggested, which look good, but are a bit expensive as most apple products are
  4. I'm not sure about all wireless routers, but I would think that most of them support the Access Point mode. It's simply just a setting to turn on and it should be good to go.

    As for recommendations, everyone has their own opinions. So I will recommend a Cisco/Linksys wireless router.
  5. I agree that the apple stuff is overpriced, I only mentioned them cause I've personally had good results with them and know they ALL offer that feature. Quick search on newegg found the following that I believe would probably work too:


  6. Those both seem to be good.

    I prefer Linksys because that's what they do; they make networking hardware.
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