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hi guys im looking for a gaming mouse used for games like call of duty 4 and call of duty black ops (I game competitively but my trusted microsoft intelli mouse died :lol:) now what would you suggest?? I dont care how much it is as long as it is under $75, I was looking at the R.A.T 7 but some people said it has tracking issues any other suggestions?

these are what have been suggested so far

razor deathadder

logitech g9x

logitech g5

logitech g500

logitech mx 518

roccat kone+


I prefer comfort over features and I like smaller mice
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  1. i have the g9x and i love it. it is not very big either and very comfortable imo.
  2. I have felt the g9x my friend has 1 its ok
  3. The g9x for 75$ or under is a real good deal.. My personal favorite and recommendation would however be the MX 518.. If you like the looks of it, then it is the ultimate gaming mouse.. On a side note, check out the Cooler Master Storm Sentinel.. It does not has the build quality of Logitech's (IMO) but has some seriously good features and a decent price tag..
  4. The G9x is either a love or hate thing ... the G700 is their "top of the line" ..... the MX-518 is a great mouse at a cheap price.
  5. I've been using my MX-518 for a couple of years now and it is great, especially considering the price. Just got the Deathadder for my kid and it is very smooth and comfortable but a bit on the larger side.
  6. ok its between 2, the deathadder and the mx 518 I have average sized hands and I claw my mouse (not too much) which would be the better mouse?
  7. Get the 518.. You won't regret your purchase..
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