Computer keep hanging - graphic card

I m new to dis forum and hope to get as much help as possible.

I have recently installed a geforce 7300 le (256mb) pci-e card, installed the latest driver and my aero for my Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit was den enabled.

However, my computer keeps freezing and I hav to switched it off through the on/off button by holding it for about 10s instead of shutting down. It juz freeze randomly whenever I am browsing the net or stuff. For example, when I refresh the Windows Experience Index and when they are rating, it just freeze halfway through and I got to off the com through the on/off button.

Windows will load but after it load, it will freeze after a few minutes. My computer only freeze when I use the graphic card but when I remove it and use my onboard graphic(SiS Mirage 3), it works perfectly fine except that the graphic is really bad with no aero.

I have tried to reinstall the graphic card and the drivers but to no avail. I also reinstalled windows 7 ultimate but still failed.

My motherboard is acer f671cr and I got a 2gb ram. My processor is Intel Pentium D while my model is Acer Aspire SA90.

This problem is making me go crazy and please reply asap as I am going to exchange the graphic card for another soon if I dun fix it.



-EDIT- I did disable my onboard graphic (SiS Mirage 3), but still failed. So could it be the graphic card faulty?

-EDIT(2)- Btw, the graphic card I bought was a second-hand Inno3D Nvidia 7300 LE 256mb, 64-bit bus , which was made in 2007.

-EDIT(3) PS. Could it be overheating cus it is quite hot when I touch the graphic card?
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  1. Hmmm, you did turn OFF the onboard graphics ,,eh???:)
  2. Can u explain clearly how to turn off?
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums
    You can disable the on-board VGA by going to device manager>Display adapters,then you should see your on-board graphic card there,right click on it and choose disable.
  4. That i noe and i hav done it, and i am just confused by dokk2 saying 'off', it should be 'disabled'. Though I have done it, it was a futile attempt and did not work as well. So could it be the graphic card faulty?
  5. Could be
    Try disabling Aero,if it didn't help, then try installing windows XP and check if it helps.
  6. I have a Windows Vista Home Basic in a primary hard disk, will it be ok to test it on Vista Home Basic? I have tested it on Vista Home Basic and it still happened, so does that says anything?
  7. P.S. , I bought a second-hand Inno3D Nvidia 7300 LE PCIe graphic card from a shop, which is made in 2007.
  8. Oh ya with a faulty graphic card, will the monitor even display anything?
  9. this sounds like whats going on with my 480 except that i can run internet browser fine and msn... but it freezes if i run windows rating yet it won't freeze when i have onboard graphics on...
  10. *High 5* My computer only hang after I start a 3D app(Online Games). So is it graphic card faulty?
  11. Yes i think its faulty,RMA it.
  12. I will RMA it soon. Thanks for all the help anyway. I will kip u all informed once I replaced the PCIe graphic card wif another one.
  13. Definitely, let us know how it goes
  14. It works! I changed it to Raedeon x600 series and it works now! Thanks for all ur help!
  15. Glad to hear it.
  16. what does RMA mean btw?
  17. RMA= Return Merchandise Authorization
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